Reviews by our years-long partner 

Passed an audit with a 94.15%  “They did a really nice job.  I wish other suppliers were as thorough!” Renowned flow reagent manufacture, US
Excellence in Quality & Price   "Your products are consistently high quality and priced well resulting in great value". Robert, San Diego, CA.
Great reliability & flexibility  “ The reliability and flexibility  to adjust to our demand and forecast is done well.  The AlgaPharma Team is always able to accommodate the fluctuation in our forecast when requested. ” Vanessa, CA.
"You did well. Your SAPE conjugate  gave the strongest signals and  seems a very good alternative to our best Streptavidin-RPE Conjugate." Luminex partner, Europe.
"Thanks for the great service. Algapharma is one of our top suppliers”. Alexander. Berlin, Germany.
“We are satisfied.about your product quality and service; and I would recommend Algapharma to others!”
Distributor, Japan
“Have finally been able to compare your SMCC-PE with the PE we buy here in Britain and your material is looking pretty good”. Alan, NHS Blood and Transplant. UK.
“The product is in quality and can be in our system very well used, and have very good technical support !”
Surface coating manufacture, Germany

References mentioned Flogen as supplier of phycobiliprotein and streptavidin-PBP conjugate

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