Lyophilized R-Phycoerythrin (Lyo-R-PE)


Product Overviews

Packing size: 

Shipped with blue ice pack. 
Lyophilized powder in MiliQ water with sugar as additive. No
ammonium sulfate or other material contained in this product that may interfere conjugation.  

Store Lyo RPE in dark at 4°C with desiccant; if possible, in desiccator.
Do not freeze.

Absorption Max/Emission Max:
565/575 nm

A565/A280 ≥ 5.5
A565/A498 ≤ 1.5

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Great Time Saving 
Elimination of known preparation processes, including buffer exchange, concentration, and quality check. 

Improved long-term storage and shipping stabilities.

Easily adjust concentration and buffer solution.

High Quality
Exhibit the same high fluorescence and purity as Flogen® Phycobiliproteins.

Cost Effectiveness
Save on material, time, manpower, protein use, and facility usage.

Eliminate uncertainties, mistakes, and lot-to-lot variations to achieve high reproducibility.

Ease of Scaling Up
Easy handling and scale-up.

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Cat. No. Product TDS COA MSDS
L1 Lyophilized R-Phycoerythrin (R-PE)
After years of research and development by our professional biochemistry team, Flogen successfully developed the world's first lyophilized phycobiliproteins.