First-in-the-world lyophilized phycoerythrin (R-PE)

Phycoerytherin is a red fluorescent protein extracted from algae. It has a high fluorescent signal with low background, stable fluorescent emission, and is widely used in biochemistry assay, such as microarray, flow cytometry as a fluorescent signal amplification, and used as a reporter for drug-biomarker interaction during fluorescence reaction energy transfer.

Three major advantages of Flogen® phybobiliprotein protein

  1. 1. Rapid, mass production of single algae strain cultivated indoor.

Fully automated indoor bioreactor

Since phycoerythrin must be extracted and purified from algae, the growth environment of algae will affect the quality of the product. The company adopts indoor microalgae cultivation, which can optimize the temperature, humidity and other conditions without being affected by outdoor weather changes, so that the quality and efficiency of phycoerythrin are stable.

Unique and rapid single algae strain cultivation

The advanced technology of algae culture is adopted to make it stay in the spore-form state so that it is very easy to cultivate and the follow-up purification work.

Precise light adjustment for enhancing phycoerythrin production rate

Microalgae perform photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients needed for life and affect the physiological functions of microalgae. With decades of experience in microalgae cultivation, we understand the decisive role that light plays in microalgae cultivation. Therefore, the method of adjusting the light source is used to grasp the physiological status of the microalgae, so that the quality and quantity of the R-PE are improved.

  1. 2. One of the world's largest algae production base

Combining mechanical and thermal processes to quickly obtain a high proportion of phycoerythrin

In-house unique breakthrough process: the use of precision machinery and temperature to rapidly extract protein, does not affect protein activity during the process and is extremely efficient.

          Original purification method to quickly obtain high purity and yield

The traditional production of phycoerythrin on the market must use gel chromatography and purify it through a column. However, the production capacity of this method is limited, which causes the biggest bottleneck when the demand is too large or urgent. The company has developed a process for the rapid mass production of phycoerythrin that does not rely on chromatography columns. Compared with the traditional method, the output can be expanded without limit and the production speed is fast. Purity increases from 5.2 to 5.5, and the batch yield increased from less than 5g to more than 100g. This advantage brings the following product feature:

  • ►The impairment of quality by enzymes or other microorganisms is greatly reduced

Because the process is fast and easy to operate, the exposure of proteins to air or fluid phases is reduced, greatly reducing the risk and impact of bacterial contamination or residual gel chromatography substances.

  • ►Reduce the time and money for storage quantifications

The traditional phycoerythrin production process from algae cultivation to extraction and purification consumes extremely high manpower and time; in contrast, FLOGEN’s unique and high-efficiency process overcomes production capacity constraints on one hand, and on the other hand reduces storage space, money, manpower, material resources, equipment and time costs.

  • ►Greatly enhance product competitiveness

Due to the innovative process technology, which surpasses the existing industry quality and quantity limitations, FLOGEN can produce reagent grade phycoerythrin on an industrial scale - meeting all customer needs and greatly enhancing product competitiveness.

  1. 3. First-in-the-world lyophilized phycoerythrin

Due to the poor stability of phycobiliprotein, they are currently sold in liquid form with ammonium sulfate. Liquid form must undergo complex desalting process before conjugation, resulting in waste of time, money, and manpower, as well as loss of quantity or quality. If it can be made into a freeze-dried form without affecting the conjugation process, so that customers can use it at any time (Ready-to-use), coupled with the characteristics of good stability, it will definitely create market segments and increase added value.

Breaking through the traditional limitation that phycoerythrin must be dissolved in ammonium sulfate solution, we developed a lyophilized (LyoFlogen® phycoerythrin) product. It overcomes the situation of unstable fluorescence and is easily damaged by the environment, and extends the service life to more than 4 years. It also saves users from complicated pre-processing procedures, making the conjugation process simple, fast and highly reproducible. FLOGEN is the first in the world that has successfully developed freeze-dried phycoerythrin.  

Lyophilized RPE


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R-PE form

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Over 4 years


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Algapharma Biotech Corp holds the core technology in bulk protein production, purification, and protein conjugation. Collaborated with world-leading expertise in large-scale microalgae cultivation by Far East Microalgae Ind. Co. Ltd (FEMICO), Algapharma is the world-leading supplier of phycobiliprotein and its conjugate.