How does FEBICO transform microalgae application from food to regenerative medicine? (2mins read)

Recently, Professor Hsu Shan-hui from National Taiwan University(NTU) published a paper, discussed about a single sulfated polysaccharide (SHWE-HSB) from Arthrospira sp. in the journal of Molecules [1]. SHWE-HSB is used to promote neural stem cells (Neural Stem Cell, NSC ) clustering, proliferation, attachment, and maintained the stemness of NSCs and facilitated their differentiation.
Arthrospira sp. is an ancient microorganism that has existed on the earth for more than three billion years. It is also the origin of the food chain. Because it is rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, it is known as a super food and is usually used as a dietary supplement.
Arthrospira sp. has been reported to have many different biologically active substances in the past, such as anti-virus, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, etc., and has been extensively studied and reported by many researchers.
Far East Bio-Tec. Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as FEBICO, TWSE stock code: 6886) is a well-known microalgae manufacturer in Taiwan, and is committed to develop high value-added industrial application of microalgae. The SHWE-HSB in this paper is prepared and provided by FEBICO.
This single polysaccharide polymer is easy to control, and has high heat resistance (up to 100°C) and pH stable in the range of pH 2-12. Compared to typical extracellular matrix, SHWE-HSB has a better industrial applicability than ordinary polypeptide or protein coatings.
This article published by Professor Hsu Shan-hui discovered three potential applications of SHWE-HSB:
(1) Adding SHWE-HSB to the hydrogel culture system significantly improves the proliferation of stem cells, and the stem cells formed multicellular spherical clusters, with average diameter in the size about 40-60μm while maintaining pluripotent characteristics of stem cells.
(2) After plasma-induced grafting of SHWE-HSB onto the plastic surface, SHWE-HSB can significantly improve the hydrophilicity of the hydrophobic surface (contact angle of water drop is reduced from 60 degrees to about 9 degrees), and enhance the ability of cell attachment.
(3) SHWE-HSB can form composite nanoparticles with stable size with other charged materials, and it has been confirmed that it can carry chemical drugs, which is expected to be applied in related fields such as drug carriers.
In addition to SHWE-HSB, FEBICO has also developed a cell culture medium supplement MSEP-01, which can replace 80% of fetal bovine serum (FBS) or part of human platelet lysate (HPL), can be used for a variety of cell types, greatly reduces the cost of cell culture, and is an extract of non-animal origin, with a view to be applied in the cultured food or cell and gene therapy industry.

  1. Xu, J.; Hsu, S.-h. Enhancement of Cell Behavior by the Polysaccharide Extract of Arthrospira and Potential Biomedical Applications. Molecules 2023, 28, 732.
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